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Minimizing Casualties on 9/11

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American Airlines Flight 77 struck a portion of the building that had already been renovated. It was the only area of the Pentagon with a sprinkler system, and it had been reconstructed with a web of steel columns and bars to withstand bomb blasts. The steel reinforcement, bolted together to form a continuous structure through all of the Pentagon’s five floors, kept that section of the building from collapsing for 30 minutes–enough time for hundreds of people to crawl out to safety.

– Esther Schrader, “Pentagon, a Vulnerable Building, Was Hit in Least Vulnerable Spot,” Los Angeles Times, September 16, 2001.


“Ongoing Pentagon renovation work lowered the number of potential victims. A portion of the impacted area was not yet fully repopulated following recently completed upgrades.”

Arlington County After-Action Report, p. A-7


Video: Pentagon COINCIDENCE or…

The web of 6-by-6-inch steel columns held the structure of the outer wall of the Pentagon together.

Blast-resistant windows on either side of the impact area remained intact above the second floor.

(Photos courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense)


Off topic, but first because of the word conspiracy in my weblog’s name, let me address the observation that this hardened defense helps account for the oft-criticized number of airplane parts photographed at the crash site (more). Yes, I tend to think there was a plane impact, though probably not AA77. No missile. No flyover masked by explosions. If you disagree, either because you have never studied for hours on the subject or you think all the evidence is fake, read on to hear my view anyway, because it makes more sense.  Numerous people saw the plane hit. See a part/serial number in this video… of course there was no serial on the black box/CVR/flight data recorder… suspicious to say the least. After seeing all the American Airlines plane bits linked here, you must also remember the passengers were nearly all identified by DNA and dental records. See heading below, “The Flights.”

Nuclear DNA testing (along with dental records and fingerprints) of the remains from the victims aboard American Airline (AA) Flight 77 and within the Pentagon was useful for identifying 178 of the 183 victims. Five missing individuals (four within the Pentagon and one aboard the airplane) could not be identified due to lack of biological material from the crash. Five remaining nuclear STR profiles were obtained from the crash site that did not match any references for the victims. These profiles were thought to represent the terrorists aboard the flight. The 40 victims aboard the United Airline (UA) Flight 93 that crashed near Shanksville, PA, were also identified by nuclear DNA testing, dental records, and fingerprinting. Four nonmatching nuclear DNA profiles were also obtained from the crash site and again tentatively ascribed to the terrorists.”

– S.M. Edson, et. al.,Naming the Dead – Confronting the Realities of Rapid Identification of Degraded Skeletal Remains,” Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, Jan. 2004, p. 83.)

Find more evidence at the Moussaoui trial Exhibit – much of it is viewer discretion advised.


Question the evidence:



The Pentagon attack was crafted to minimize casualties — 60 years to the day after construction officially began on the mammoth building. The motive for this part of the inside job would therefore have a symbolic consequence of rebuilding. Recall the infamous Project for a New American Century (PNAC) document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” and its prerequisite “new Pearl Harbor.”)

The day before 9/11, Secretary of War Defense (and PNAC signatory along with friend/cohort then V.P. Cheney) Donald Rumsfeld said: “I have no desire to attack the Pentagon; I want to liberate it. We need to save it from itself.” Also on Sept. 10, 2001 he announced the figure 2.3 trillion dollars being misplaced in the Pentagon budget. (!) People sure forgot about that. Rumsfeld’s office was on the opposite side of the building from the crash, FYI (Reuters, 9/11/2001) … unlike, ironically, the Army accounting offices.

[T]he Pentagon renovation project was excellent cover for an insider conspiracy to attack the Pentagon. The people running the project were, at the same time, calling for a revolution in military affairs that, without the 9/11 attacks, they would not have been able to realize.

Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects by Kevin Robert Ryan, Microbloom, 2013, p. 175.

“While perhaps 4,500 people normally would have been working in the hardest-hit areas, because of the renovation work only about 800 were there Tuesday, officials said.” (Esther Schrader, Ibid.) Only 125 building occupants died, out of an estimated 24,000 (globalsecurity.org). Real terrorists would show no mercy.

Terrorist pilots would not perform a difficult aerial maneuver – a 330-degree descending corkscrew turn – to clip light posts and align with the lowest floor (if they even could — see “Clueless Super-pilot: Jetliner Aerobatics by Flight School Dropout Who Never Flew a Jet,” 911Research.wtc7.net.). They would not take their time to do such a maneuver unless they 1: needed to hit a certain side of the building; 2: made a change in plans in the middle of the operation (the White House was the subject of speculation in the media); 3: and then only if they knew that America’s defenses would be impaired (by several ongoing war game simulations which General Richard Myers suggested HELPED them speed the response.  What response? The fighter jets dispatched to the Atlantic Ocean?) Look up Ralph Eberhart, too. And FBI Director Louis Freeh, terrorist  investigation obstructionist who retired the June before 9/11 with no real plan for the future. I digress.

Rumsfeld with Stretcher

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld avoids critical teleconference with top officials to “help.” Was this his conscience? Or did he need to make sure the plane hit? (That’s right. I support the story that a plane hit. And its flight suggests it was GPS controlled.)

Rumsfeld on 9/11

He’s a ruthless little bastard, You can be sure of that.

– Richard Nixon, describing Donald Rumsfeld (quote found in Kevin Ryan’s aforementioned book, p.18)

Instead of going into a teleconference with the leaders of the nation, the Secretary of Defense ran out to help with the injured. (See http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=a937rumsfeldhelp#a937rumsfeldhelp ) Surely he wasn’t part of the conspiracy, right? He showed compassion, but — was it out of guilt? Was it just a good excuse to leave the country undefended and at the same time appear to be compassionate!? And of course to make sure the plane hit as it should have.

It is notable and should be disgraceful that the top of the chain of command was away from 9:39 a.m. — when the National Military Command Center (NMCC) meeting began without its director — until 10:30 a.m., long after the Flight 93 crash in Shanksville.

He went outside to the Flight 77 crash site and then stayed somewhere else in the Pentagon until his arrival at the NMCC. Brigadier General Montague Winfield later says, “For 30 minutes we couldn’t find him. And just as we began to worry, he walked into the door of the [NMCC].”

historycommons.org referencing ABC News, 9/11/2002

When he got to the meeting, “he immediately starts to work on something that was completely irrelevant, which was rules of engagements for pilots, interceptor pilots, although the last hijacked plane had crashed sometime before.” Quick note that Rumsfeld, according to new rules June 1, 2001, had the sole authority to approve intercepting an FAA-reported hijacking. Some reports suggest this was ignored by NORAD that day, specifically General Larry Arnold., anyway… different subject.

“Then by two o’clock [Rumsfeld is] already disparaging the notion that when they come in with intelligence that it might have been Osama bin Laden, or probably was Osama bin Laden. He dismisses that. […] …he’s already saying, oh, well, let’s – you know, we should really go after Saddam Hussein.” (emphasis added – quoting C-SPAN Feb. 25, 2007, Andrew Cockburn: Author, “Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall, and Catastrophic Legacy.”


Pentagon Renovation Area Targeted

This is common knowledge. Watch the video above, from “9/11: The Towers and the Pentagon” (Discovery 2008) Quoting from that: “By sheer coincidence the terrorists on 9/11 had managed to strike the only part of the Pentagon that had already been retrofitted.” For details I urge you to read chapter 10 in Kevin Ryan’s book.

This is an elegant proof of logical reasoning that the attacks were more likely coordinated by Pentagon and government insiders (some of whose businesses provided security for the 9/11 airports and the WTC) than by flight school students and Al Qaeda (an entity created by USA, as we should all know). See more in Ryan’s article, “War Crimes and 9/11: Why Dick and Don Are Suspects.”

There was at the time technology capable of remotely controlling large jets, and landing them (Space Daily, GPS Alert: Civil-Military Interoperability For GPS Assisted Aircraft Landings Demonstrated, October 1, 2001. See also Wikipedia where they say that civilian use may one day happen, as if it couldn’t.). To sum up and quote Kevin again: “The relatively low loss of life at the Pentagon could be seen as evidence that the perpetrators of the crime wanted to minimize casualties. The number of deaths among military personnel and DOD leadership was very low relative to what would have happened if any other part of the building was hit. “


The Flights


flight capacity manifest percent with hijackers percent
AA Flight 11 158 76 48.1 81 51.3
UA Flight 175 166 46 27.7 52 31.3
AA Flight 77 188 50 26.6 55 29.3
UA Flight 93 182 26 14.3 30 16.5
aggregate 694 198 28.5 218 31.4

Chart from 911research.wtc7.net.

Quoting from that page, titled “Minimized Fatalities“:

Although flights less than half full were not uncommon in 2001, the fact that all four flights had low occupancy rates suggests the possibility that bookings for the targeted flights were manipulated to reduce the death toll.



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